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Breeze-up allowance for buyers

There is a two-week post-sale owner registration allowance for Plus 10 horses sold at breeze-up sales.

This allowance provides for the new owner of a horse to pay the final Plus 10 registration fee to qualify their purchase to win a £10,000 (€12,500) bonus should their horse go on to win a Plus 10 race.

The presence of a Plus 10 logo on a horse’s pedigree page in a breeze-up catalogue will indicate that the horse is entered into Plus 10.

To confirm if the Owner Registration is required to be paid –

Owners and trainers should also note a rule change announced earlier this year limits the number of £10,000 bonuses a Plus 10 qualified horses can win to one.

The rule was introduced after the number of races the scheme covered in 2016 expanded from 550 races to 600 races. This was the result of racecourses upgrading races to qualify for a bonus, races dividing due to large field sizes, and taking into account the impact of many more novice contests for two-year-olds following changes to the race programme.

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